Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Wattpad & I

Many of my author friends are on Wattpad. For instance, the awesome Claire Chilton and her Demon Diaries Series (which I have read and enjoyed), as well as Shaun Allan, who writes Dark Fiction, which I can absolutely just get lost in.

I never really saw the appeal of Wattpad though.

Until 8 days ago.

We were busy working on When we Love, changing it back from third person to first person again (which, by the way, is free on Google Play Books until August 2015), when it dawned on me that this particular story would make an excellent #FanFiction story.

I am already a huge fan of One Direction - obviously. Who isn't? And I love listening to their music. Also, sadly, they have just lost a fifth member. I won't go into the details (you all know them already), and besides it is still a sore topic for too many people.

Long story, short. I decided to take my ideas from When we Love, which are not written into this particular story and to write a FanFiction on Wattpad - where else? It is not as if I could write a novel and publish it. It is about real life, really famous people. I cannot exactly make money off it, now can I?

Truth be told. It is really exciting to see the numbers climb daily. From the meager 5 reads on Day 1 to 118 reads on Day 8. I am loving writing the story, and I try to write about 500 words a day, which I post immediately. I have rated it Mature in the off chance it will get mature ;) which it will - no doubt. 

On Twitter, One Direction News, favorited one of my 'The Fifth Member' update tweets, and this actually made my stomach twitch painfully. However, I am going to ignore all these things and just take it in my stride, cause it puts too much pressure on me. I might start writing a story just to please everyone, when it should be fun for me.

You can read Part 1 right here, and if you like it then you can just follow the link which will take you to Wattpad.