When I was a little bitty baby

... my mother never rocked me in a cradle (my own version of the lyrics from Cotton Fields: The Beach Boys), and sometimes I embarrass myself at how often I sing this song.

When I was little, this song must have played so much in our house that it is forever imprinted within the folds of my memory.

This photo is a newspaper clipping of me - I was destined for greatness :o) 

I was the eldest born, and my mom and dad waited two years for me. It's nice to know I wasn't an “oops” baby, but it would have been okay too if I was because my parents were awesome.

Growing up, my brothers and I weren't very close because they always thought of me as the spoiled princess who got everything her heart desired(if only).

As you can see from the way my mom and I are dressed in this photo, I was born in the sixties so it goes without saying that I love music from the 60's. It resonates with my soul ♥

I think I am about four years old in this photo. Sadly, I have no-one anymore to answer th…

Short Story: Only In My Memories

Two months ago, Alyssa fell and bumped her head, but heads get knocked all the time, don't they? Then she started having a recurring dream of Daniel in a sepia toned world dated back to November 1945. A memory of a love lost and a reminder that sometimes dreams are memories which are a part of us forever. 

There was a chill in the air on this wintry November morning. The coldness penetrated my warm jacket, while I was waiting on the platform for the train that would take me to college.
He stood slightly in front of me and I noticed that he was not wearing a jacket. I thought that was crazy, because it was a cold day, the blistering wind howling around the corners. The red scarf around his neck caught my eye and clashed with his blonde hair. Involuntarily I felt a flutter in my stomach.
I looked down to break the spell and not wanting anyone to notice I was shamelessly staring at him. I considered whether I knew him or not, because he looked familiar, but I knew it was sill…

When time froze forever still

The day was 6 April 2014.

Just a normal day for many, but not for me.

Wisps, wisps, whispers of mist crawled on the ground.
Above, trees bare to the bone looked the same as the bodies below.
The first day, they came in their hordes, all dressed in black, with pallid white faces and red-rimmed eyes.
They cried, not for her, but for themselves.
Guilt over things that could have been said.
Misery about not seeing her again.
Sorrow for a life not long lived.
“Rest,” they said.
“In peace,” they said.
When they left, their footprints turned the soggy ground around the grave to pulp, but these lingered only for a while.
“She was always so afraid of the dark,” they said.
“We’ll leave a lantern for her,” they said.
Then they came in smaller groups, and held on to each other as they wept.
They did not stay long.
Things to do.
Places to go.
When strangers wandered past, they read the epitaph, again and again.
Counting on their fingers the years she had lived.
“Not long,” they said.
“So sad,” they said.
The sun shone …

What readers are saying about: Would You Remember ME

What readers are saying:
I gave this short story 4 stars. This short story is actually a suicide letter written by a 15 yr old. I think every parent of a teenager (or even pre-teen) should read this. To me, this teen is giving you insight as to why she's chosen to commit suicide. I also feel as a parent, she's giving you signs to watch for in your own child. Parents, LISTEN to your children! Be aware of any change in sleep habits, school work, etc. To teens & adults alike: Like the short story mentions, " The darkest hour is always before dawn". When dawn breaks, everything can look so different.Ginger rated it at Goodreads

Wow! This was really deep and was a very touching little short story. Reading a 15 year old's suicide note is touching at the least but there were some parts in that letter that touched me to the bottom of my heart. This short story may not be a must read but if you have the time you should take a chance and just read it! Angel **Book Junkie…

When it gets hard

And I wake up to a beautiful Sunday morning, all my troubles fade with my dreams just like the darkness of night. 

and although, I know Sunday's are for going to church, why go to a stark building when I could go out and see all the wondrous gifts God has given to me.

So it came to be, when we decided to go for a drive on a glorious day in May this year.

We (by accident) discovered the Causeway Coastal Route and I was astounded how utterly breathtaking the scenery is. How did I not see it before?

The horizon is so far, the sky so big. We saw mountains and waterfalls, cows and sheep. Large fields of Rapeseed Oil with its yellow flowers as far as the eye can see.

In Portstewart, we saw divers jump from the cliffs and into the water below. It reminded me a little of the Twilight books. It looked like a fun thing to do, but me with my fear of height would have to be pushed :o)

I always knew Ireland is a beautiful place, but with the long, dark winters, I sometimes forget.

The Vampire Pirate Saga: The Vampire Pirate's Daughter

What the story is about:

When Susie moves to a new country with Amanda and Shayne, she comes face to face with a boy whom she craves much more than just his blood. 

Then, one night after she is kidnapped, she cannot hide who or what she is anymore.

 Despite her obsessive thirst for blood, they grow close, but Susie soon realizes the safest place would be to move back to the château in France with Amanda. 

Here she meets a rogue bandit of vampires, not accustomed to living in the twenty-first century, but when she gives her heart completely and utterly to Callum, he leaves the château.

Then in a violent attack, Susie is bitten by another vampire and she has to choose between being a vampire or human.

Start reading:

Chapter One

THE MEGA CUP of coffee in my hand is cold while the sun shines hot down onto my shoulders. I put my feet up onto the supports of the chair across from me, and I keep my face in the shade because the brightness makes me pull my eyes together and it gives me a headache.
I h…

Special Announcement

I know some of you are anxious to continue reading ForNever, and I am happy to announce all three books in the series will be available on:

1 August 2017

We've decided to finish the entire series first before the second book is published, otherwise I get lazy and do all sorts of other things, like Facebooking, which means everyone would have to wait another half a decade for the third book :P

If you haven't read ForNever (Book One) yet (why not?) there are 100 copies only, for download over here.

The new covers are done - so now they match and (at last) they look like a series. 

Hands up! 

Who would like to see these on a bookshelf in their room? 

What do you think?

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