Friday, 4 September 2015

Soul Drifter Giveaway

Firstly. Thank you to everyone who entered the Goodreads giveaway for Soul Drifter (all 2,645 of you - this was the final number of entrants until two of you decided to remove it from your to-be-read list. I know all!). The link to the Goodreads / Soul Drifter Giveaway - if you're interested.

Secondly, you are all a whiny bunch, aren't you? After I received countless e-mails and having to reply with basically the same e-mail repeatedly, I thought it best to write a blog. Hahaha, cause I am so good at blogs - not.

This is how a Goodreads giveaway works:

A giveaway is a great way to get advance reviews, which contribute to word-of-mouth buzz. Giveaways are free to list You choose how many books to giveaway, how long to run your giveaway, and which countries are eligible to enter. We will choose the winners and send you a CSV file of their mailing addresses. Giveaways increase awareness of your title The average giveaway attracts 825 entries. That’s a lot of people seeing and interacting with your book. Giveaways are popular 40,000 people enter Goodreads giveaways every day.

Did you notice the part that said: "We will choose the winners..." - thus, I have absolutely no control over who the winner is. I wish I did, because then I would choose someone more age appropriate to the type of books I write. However, this is the way it is.

Finally. I am really, really sorry I had only one hardcover to give away. You read all my e-books for free and if I'm not giving them away for free, they are pirated all over the internet, so I am a skint author who works for likes, tweets, shares & reviews. If one day I actually get more than a few pennies a month, I'd have more hardcovers to give away. 

So, until then, use the 'Say Hello' thingy to your right hand side and send me an e-mail. You don't have to write me a 500-word reason of why I am the bestest author in the whole entire world, just a few words is perfectly okay, e.g. (You can even copy/paste this) "I would love to read Soul Drifter, in exchange I'll like it, tweet it, share it, review it honestly and tell all my friends."

If you're on your mobile, I have no solution, because I don't think you can see the stuff on the side, can you? The best thing would be to sign up for my newsletter. Just scroll down - it's there as big as life - you cannot miss it.

I hope this settles the matter, and always remember, I appreciate you all. Your enjoyment of my stories is my reason for continuing this mad, crazy thing called writing.

Keep shining & make it epic!

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