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Deleted scenes from i am lucas: In The Beginning

Rachel Woods never suspects something is wrong when their car breaks down along a desolate stretch of road.

He came from the stars and found love on Earth. 

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Deleted Scene from 
My Recycled Soul

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Magic, Curses, Dark Shadows and Love's First Kiss

As a love grows between a mortal and an angel, Daimhin can do nothing to stop the inevitable.

Up until now, when Daryl liked a girl, the feeling was always mutual. 

When Caitlyn starts to play a Life Simulation game, the girl she creates saves her life. 

They have made a huge mistake. She should be on the other side. 

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All Elizabeth wants is for things to go back to the way they are supposed to be. 

Unlike, Romeo and Juliet, the story of their doomed love does not put an end to the conflict.

When Gaby starts dreaming of a dark, scary building, she discovers it's more than just a dream.

When an e-mail promises death if you delete it, are you brave enough to do it? 

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Bestselling & Popular Flash Fiction

Being a tutor in 1800's London is not easy when you are a pretty girl.

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When Susie turned sixteen, the vampire virus which was dormant in her grew stronger and suppressed her human cells. 

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Susie and Amanda return to France and the dilapidated ch√Ęteau, where she comes face to face with the savage vampires who have not adapted to living in the light. 

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Richard is desperate to be the next internet sensation. 

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Handsome Vincent's band has signed a record deal with a big producer and will be releasing its first single in the fall. All they need is a girl singer.

A deadly vampire should not fall in love-but that is exactly what happens to William.

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among adolescents and teenagers. 

Coming Soon: Shapeshifter Romance

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