Friday, 20 March 2015

Spring Fever

ON 20-21 MARCH 2015
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Four unabridged, full length best-selling novels all-in-one collection.

My Recycled Soul: Elizabeth is happy and set in her ways, but then, on the day the boy she has had a serious crush on for two whole years eventually notices her, her world crashes to her feet as her step-dad announces elatedly, 'We are moving to Ireland.' My Recycled Soul tells a hopeful, yet tragic story of finding the place where you belong.

This book not only has a happy ending, it has two happy endings. When you get to the very last page, and you wonder if what you're think happened has actually happened - well, it has. And that was where I had the biggest smile at the end of a book in years.

ForNever: Heather has just found out her parents are getting divorced, so when she meets Kieran and Jayden will she choose the safe option or will she go for the one who makes all her senses come alive. In a world full of magic and spells, Heather must make the right choice to break the spell that has kept them bound for centuries. But how will she know which one, Kieran or Jayden, is the right choice?

If you enjoy your love triangles with a paranormal twist, FORNEVER 
is a fun and often humorous read.

When We Love: Chrissie did not realise her massive crush on Johnathan was preparing her for an even greater heartbreak. When she auditions as back-up singer for Vincent's band, she did not for one moment think she would fall in love with him. When we Love tells a story of hope and love in a world predisposed to prejudice.

 If you read this book be prepared to be swept into the story.

Guardian Angel: Taylor should have died only days after she was born. The plan for her life had changed, but Daimhin could not get himself to just do it. When the fate of his own soul depends upon him touching her and escorting her across the Valley of the Shadow of Death, can he afford not to do it? Guardian Angel is a love story steeped with themes of love, redemption, punishment, loyalty and death.

I think that the fantasy would appeal to anyone who are intrigued by the concept of Heaven and what may happen to souls - and the idea of where they may go and how.

Bonus: First eight chapters of the forthcoming novel, What My Soul Does When I Am Asleep: Gaby believes her soul leaves her body every night after she goes to sleep, but what has Barclay got do with the nightly escapades of her soul?

Amazon (UK): The 2014 Collection
744 pages

In this short story, the writer is fifteen years old, contemplating suicide. In her darkest hour she writes a letter.

"I am so unimaginably sorry for doing what I am going to do, but you see I have all these fears. The fears and doubts I have are so real, so are they really as childish and silly as you always say they are. Sometimes, I am sad and so bitterly lonely and at times, I feel useless, as if I cannot accomplish even the simplest task. Do not get me wrong, I do not always feel this way, because we do laugh and we do often have fun together, but always though I still have this lonely, sadness in my chest. If you looked at me, you would never know the turmoil inside of me."

"This is a very touching story."
10 reviewers made a similar statement

"This book takes you into the mind of someone thinking of letting go of her worries by taking her life."
7 reviewers made a similar statement

"That book made me cry."
4 reviewers made a similar statement

Amazon (UK): Would you Remember ME
9 pages

Book One in The Counting Stars Series

He came from the stars, and found love on Earth.

Arius was his home planet. After a violent battle between the people of Arius and the tentacled creatures of Piscibra, the population of Arius was halved, and the laboratory which housed the female seeds was compromised during an invasion.
It was decided that Jacob would journey across the space of time and light to establish contact with Amy Trotter. After detailed research, it was established that Amy Trotter was their only salvation.
Jacob needed to find Amy Trotter as quickly as possible, harvest her seeds, and then get back to his own home before he had no home to return to.

Amazon: Forever Young
Amazon (UK): Forever Young
156 pages

After Elizabeth is in a car accident, she goes into a coma. Then she meets Devlin and it as if she met him just the day before on the fallen tree trunk, in their hidden place, away from the rest of the world. She does not realise 300 years have passed and that she has regressed back to a previous life, where Devlin is still waiting for her. Then she must choose: Return to today and Jared, or stay with Devlin and it will always just be the two of them.

In the first draft of My Recycled Soul, Elizabeth met up with Devlin again after she went into a coma and she regressed back across the years. However, when it was time for Elizabeth to come back to the present day, Devlin kept following her. And so, All Over Again went on to become a separate best-selling short story all on its own.

This is a beautifully-flowing paranormal romance short story, with just the right elements of dreamy romance and fantasy intricately combined, creating an atmospheric reading experience.

Only at
156 pages


Book I in The Vampire Pirate Saga
William The Damned (A Vampire Pirate)

"a vampire love story with a difference"

William the damned was born countless years ago, a half-blood. William was born with a lust for blood, but a curse for humanity. For Susanna and for enduring, ever-lasting love, William will make the ultimate sacrifice.

Terrified of being sent off to marry a man whom she has never met, Susanna boards The Majestic to travel from England to France.

A deadly vampire should not fall in love--but that is exactly what happens to William. With a lady hidden in his cabin, a crew who is getting restless, William has a lot of decisions to make. Keep her or kill her?

When Susanna meets Francois, the meanest man she has ever met, she is sure he will discover she has been lying about knowing William. When he begins to suspect the truth, she makes the most dangerous decision.

Book II in The Vampire Pirate Saga
The Vampire Pirate's Daughter

"a must read for fans of vampire romance"

I have an instinct that tells me it would be great to have someone love me. I wonder what it would feel like to grow old. To be like the meagre mortals around me, to roll a dice, to live on the edge, to be daring and know that it might kill me.

When Susie turned sixteen, the vampire virus which was dormant in her grew stronger and suppressed her human cells.

Amanda and Shayne came to her rescue. She had to either step over the final barrier to becoming a vampire or succumb to the virus and die. However, when Amanda held her wrist, dripping with blood, in front of Susie's mouth, she could not resist.

Two hundred years later, Susie is lonely and bored. Shayne and Amanda have kept her safe and protected her from life and from the savage vampires who have not adapted to living in the light, and all Susie wants is to be mortal. She wants to be like the mortals surrounding her and be daring. To challenge death and to purposefully defy it.

Most of all though, she wants to experience love.

Book III in The Vampire Pirate Saga
The Vampire Virus

"an amazing vampire romance series"

After living so long, eternal life is terrifying. Although I will no longer feel my heart reverberate through my body, I know living has nothing to do with the beating of my heart, or how close I come to dying, it is all about my soul, my feelings, love and yearning, hope, endurance, my spirit and my complete essence.

Susie and Amanda return to France and the dilapidated ch√Ęteau, where she comes face to face with the savage vampires who have not adapted to living in the light.

During an attack, the virus in her body turns against her and then she discovers unconditional love where she never even looked.

As she settles in her new circumstances, surrounded by her dysfunctional family, would she choose mortality or immortality.

Have an amazing Spring 2015!