When we Love: Chapter Six



Johnathan says bye to me, after school on the day of the start of the midterm break as well as the day of the party at Shaun’s house. He adds, with a flirtatious smile, “See you tonight, Chrissie Taylor.”
I smile at him, and as always my traitorous heart, which just does not seem to get the messages my brain is sending it relating the important, ever-present Johnathan situation, jumps frenziedly.
I get dressed nervously, wearing jeans and a nice shirt, it is after all only a house party, and I do not want it to look as if I had gone to too much trouble.
At the entrance to the Golf Estate, my dad waits with me for Anne, and I stand outside the car so she can see me when she arrives.
I see her walking toward me from the direction of the gate. She seems excited, an emotion I have never before noticed or realized she possessed. I smile friendly at her and then I lean into the car and kiss my dad on his cheek, goodbye.
“I don’t like this,” he whispers. “I don’t …

Let me tell you a story: ForNever (Book One)

If you prefer to listen rather than read, ForNever (Book One & Two) will also be available in audio book.

Release date 1 October 2017

If you are unable to view the SoundCloud Player in your browser, the direct link is here.

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Chronicles of Araxx by Kellie Steele

Book Description:

Lee's life spiralled out of control when her house was burnt down, leaving her the only one left alive. After being held captive for most of her childhood and into her mid teens, Lee finally managed to escape the grasp of her captors.

She befriended Bree, a girl her own age, homeless in London. Everything was going well and Lee’s life was taking a good turn, but little was Lee to know that everything would soon take a drastic change. 

When the werewolves that held her captive decided they wanted her back, enlisting all the supernatural creatures they can do to get her, it's up to the Araxx to save her, but Lee doesn't know she needs saving. She was a part of a bigger plan, one that could bring about the end of the world.

Who is Kellie Steele?

I started writing a short while ago (June 2015) and currently have four books out. I have started writing my fifth and have characters from my next series shouting at me to tell their stories too! Being employed full time…

#FirstChapters: ForNever (Book One)

What is a guy to do to get the girl he loves to choose him?


Why are my e-books so cheap?

As a reader, I never pay more than 0.99 to download an e-book, and, thus, I cannot expect readers to pay more than I am willing to pay myself. 

If the price of an e-book is higher than 0.99, and I really, really want to read the story, then I will buy the paperback. 

Maybe, I am just old-school (or an old fool), but, for me, there is more value in a paperback than there is an e-book. 

I know some will say, the value is in the story, but for me, the true value lies in the fact that once I have bought a paperback, it is a possession. 

It is mine to display, to give away, and to cherish. I cannot do any of these things with letters on a screen. 

I can touch, smell, see the substance of all those lots of pages with a physical book and this all culminates (for me) in value for money. 

Maybe, once you have read one of my e-books, you will like it so much, you will order the paperback to display, give away and cherish. 

I want readers to try my stories, and who knows, they might even find their nex…

When we Love: Chapter Five



A week later, at lunch break, Johnathan hands me an invitation to attend his birthday celebration. His fingers brush against mine explosively and he looks at me in that particular way when he hands me the envelope. 
He is always, in my opinion, over-friendly and charming with every girl who will let him, and in the beginning it used to irk me, but then I realized he looks at me in a way he reserves for me only, and not the other girls. 
He is so convincing; how could I not be absolutely, head-over-heels in love with him?
Looking at the gold leaf letters printed onto the black cardboard of the invitation he hands me, I recognize in my world this would be good enough for a wedding invitation.
I see the party venue is at an up-market restaurant and frankly, I could not see the point. I am only seventeen years old, I want to go to a party with flashing lights, blaring music which still has my ears ringing the next day, the only refreshments crisps, and cold d…

Let me tell you a story: The Girl in Room Thirteen

If you prefer to listen rather than read, The Girl in Room Thirteen is also available in audio book.

If you are unable to view the SoundCloud Player in your browser, the direct link is here.

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