Thursday, 5 February 2015

To be released on 1 April 2015

Lynette Ferreira writes Speculative Fiction for girls of all ages. If you find yourself asking, What if? often and you believe there must be a purpose, you will enjoy reading stories written by Lynette, who loves writing about teens & young people--first love, cute boys, kissing, and all the drama. She also likes to explore ideas and theories regarding the workings of the universe, and she is intrigued by souls and the metaphysical world.

Lynette was born in Burgersdorp in South Africa on a beautiful autumn day in 1967. As a child she moved around a lot with her family, and even though she went to a new school in a new town every year, she grew up happy. As she grew older, and got used to moving around, she realised that it does not matter if the kids at the new school looked at her strange for the first day or two. Soon she blended into the background. She was always excited about going to a new school, she enjoyed the excitement of a new environment, and most importantly what the boys would look like and will she find 'the one'. She only found who she thought was 'the one' in Grade 11, aged sixteen. After a year, she realised she was going to have to kiss more than one frog to find her true love - sadly!

After school, she went to work at one of the last manual telephone exchanges in South Africa for her gap year. The year after, she went to Teacher Training College in Durban. This, however, was not meant to be either, because during this time she met a second frog, whom she thought was 'the one'. After a tumultuous ten year experience, with lots of kissing, this frog just refused to change into a prince, and thus destinies were split.

And then she met a frog, by pure accident. You guessed it :o) He did indeed turn into a prince of great distinction and importance. They now live in a castle in Derry/Londonderry. She has three most amazing children, whom she loves more than life itself.

Moving around did not stop once she left school. When she was with frog #2, she lived in the same village and house for ten years, but since then she has moved often. She expanded her horizons and now, instead of moving from town to town in one country, she moves from country to country. 

Lynette worked as a Personal Assistant at an international Financial Institution for most of her adult life, and in 2008, after moving back to South Africa from The Republic of Ireland, she sat down and wrote the first sentence for My Recycled Soul. My Recycled Soul was inspired by her daughter, Tahne, who was utterly distraught about leaving her friends behind in Ireland, and with her story, Lynette wanted to show her daughter how things do actually happen for a reason. Most of those things are horrible, bad things, but in the end it always brings us to a happy place. We only need to keep the faith!

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