Brand New: Boarding School of Peculiar Girls

Imagine a boarding house in Scotland with neat square windows and gargoyles upon its roof.  
A school filled with normal girls who did not start off being peculiar or strange and yet they are all immersed in a supernatural world in one way or the other. 
Meet Alison who has to go in to room thirteen on the anniversary of Lily’s death on the thirteenth of February. 
Then there is Amber who can change her body  to fit the shape of her soul. 
You are invited to enter the halls of this old, Gothic school where you might be afraid, feel invisible, or maybe even find love.

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Let me have cake!

From a family of five, it is now just my brother and I, so when it is his birthday it is always extra special for me. 

Even though he lives all the way on the other side of the planet, no matter where I roam, I've got him here with me always. He is never far from my thoughts. 

And today it is his birthday!

😄 He hasn't changed much in 29 years, has he?

When we Love: Chapter One

Chrissie Taylor received a scholarship to The Christian Academy in Charleston.
Vincent almost makes her forget her attraction to flirtatious, suntanned, blonde Johnathan who has most of the girls in school interested in him.
To add to this, handsome Vincent's band has signed a record deal with a big producer and will be releasing their first single in the fall.
All they need is a girl singer.
Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards  Quarter Finalist (Young Adult Category) 2011


The first moment I saw her standing in front of the class waiting for Mr. Johnson, I did not pay any attention. Just another white girl I thought to myself, but as the minutes ticked by and I continued looking at her because she made the time pass, I suddenly realized I am uncontrollably interested in her.
The way she stared out of the window nervously, the way she seemed to be swinging from one leg to the other, her sun-kissed hair, neatly pin…

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Hartman House by A.L. Wright

Book Description:

Imagine a house that is a safe haven from witch hunters and werewolf or vampire slayers. Where any mystical being could live, safe from the threat of the outside world. The Hartman family were themselves witches and had always tried their best to protect their own, and to protect other magical beings as well. To do so they built a large mansion on the edge of New Orleans and spelled it to conceal any magic.
The spell on the house also kept the wolves from needing to turn on full moons. And kept the vampires from needing to feed on human blood. With such powerful allies living among them, they could create search and rescue teams to help bring in those who were being hunted.
And with so many successful rescues in recent times, the leaders of Hartman House needed to find the secret to the spell over the house. The same spell whose secret had died with the last of the Hartman’s fifteen years earlier.

Who is A. L. Wright?

Alicia grew up in a very small Pacific NorthWest town …

Read4Free: GASP!

It's the new drug of choice. It's free and everybody is doing it, so it should be safe, shouldn't it?

Dead Girl: Blog Hijack


Lynette only blogs on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, so I thought I'd hijack her blog. She'll only realise I've been here come Monday LOL

My name is Genny and I am a new character in Lynette's newest book due for release in November 2017. 
Still so long. 
I want to share my story with the world! Who knows we might have been eaten by Zombies before then!!
But, no. Lynette is too busy making up stories about Heather, Jayden & Kieran from ForNever - it's all so blah, blah, 2012.
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