Picking The Perfect Social Network

People say, the most common form of stress we experience is the feeling of being overwhelmed with far too much to do and having too little time to do it in.

That's how I feel at the moment.

I am trying so hard to find time to write, it is becoming a seriously stressful situation and I am one of those people where when I feel overwhelmed I like to just curl up in to a bundle and watch Netflix all day, every day.

This is not good!

Each day, Monday to Saturday before the sun peeks over the horizon to see me already waiting for it, I log into my social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Google+

I used to have a couple more, like Pinterest and Wattpad, but those have all been left behind in 2016 due to the same problem.

My intention is always just to do a quick scroll-by, like some stuff, comment here and there, catch up on all my notifications, but when I look again - even though it feels like minutes - it has been hours and it is already past lunch time.

This also means my personal life is being consumed by me being an online social butterfly. A social butterfly is a term for a person who is always socializing.

So, the stories I wanted to write when I opened my eyes from sleep and dragged myself from bed, remains unwritten. To be written tomorrow, which, truth be told, will just be the same as today - full of false promises I make to myself.

My solution to this disastrous situation?

One social network. 

It was not easy to decide which one, and it was not a magic hat solution. Each social network has its own benefits and don't get me wrong, I am beyond greatful for every follower I have on all my social networks, but I cannot be everywhere and still write stories.

My choice: Facebook

On my Facebook Page, you can learn anything about me you would ever like to know. Once a week, on a Sunday, I post something personal - mostly what I had done that day. I also always reply to all comments and messages.

My Facebook Page Tabs:

About Lynette
Here I post milestones of when I have published a book or when I have reached a personal goal in my writing career.

Here you can buy copies of my books or discover where you can find them. The links redirect you to the retail site. I do not sell books directly.

To see what other people thought of my stories via Goodreads.

This is my attempt to make my life easier by having a kind of Wattpad on my Facebook Page. Here you can read free chapters and sometimes even free books, like All Over Again

Request an Autographed eBook for your Kindle
Here you can request a personal message from me, which will be sent to your Kindle reader after you have purchased the eBook via Amazon.


This is my attempt to make my life easier by having my own version of Pinterest on my Facebook Page. I post images which inspire me, locations, what my characters look like in my head, and also random images/memes which resonate with me.

Will you join me?