Did you miss getting The Vampire Pirate's Daughter for free?

In case you missed getting 
The Vampire Pirate's Daughter 
for free during the awesome month of March 
- when it was my birthday :o) 
it's been decided to upload the full, unabridged book to Inkitt and there are 100 copies available 
for free download.

Don't miss it. 

It won't be free again until +/- 2018 
20+ published books; a free book a month - you get the idea, don't you? Stay connected ;) to find out when.

Personally, I also genuinely dislike having to sign in to different websites all of the time, and I always try to get my books on places where you wouldn't have to do this, but I do like the idea of Inkitt, not because they have a publishing thingy going on, which, as we know, the books I am uploading has already been published. All I'm looking for is a way to give my books away in a structured manner without it ending up on a pirate site, which I suppose is not so bad because it means people want to read it - right?

If you did take advantage of the free download month in March or if you are planning on taking advantage of getting a copy at Inkitt, please, pretty please, remember to review/rate it at Goodreads.

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