What readers are saying about: Would You Remember ME

What readers are saying:

This short story is actually a suicide letter written by a 15 yr old. I think every parent of a teenager (or even pre-teen) should read this. To me, this teen is giving you insight as to why she's chosen to commit suicide. I also feel as a parent, she's giving you signs to watch for in your own child. Parents, LISTEN to your children! Be aware of any change in sleep habits, school work, etc. To teens & adults alike: Like the short story mentions, " The darkest hour is always before dawn". When dawn breaks, everything can look so different. Ginger rated it at Goodreads

Wow! This was really deep and was a very touching little short story. Reading a 15 year old's suicide note is touching at the least but there were some parts in that letter that touched me to the bottom of my heart. This short story may not be a must read but if you have the time you should take a chance and just read it! Angel **Book Junkie** rated it at Goodreads

So relatable. I have to admit that when I started reading this, I didn't think it would be worth much. Fortunately I was wrong. The story was short but the emotions I felt from it made it worth the read. I'll give it four stars because of the length but other than that, I recommend that anyone thinking about suicide should read this. Allondra Pettway rated it at Goodreads

Wow! This really hit home for me. I had a best friend who commit suicide when we were just fourteen. I still think of her and wonder what she would be like or what her life would have been if she was still alive. This story definitely reminds me of her and what she'd been through and what we had been though...Love this story! Short but a good one. Ana rated it at Goodreads

What a touching story. I do hope that someone will take this message to heart. As the author says, "It's always darkest before dawn." Others do need to consider that what may seem trivial to you, can be devastating to another. Don't trivialize another's feelings. They are real. Elaine rated it at Goodreads

Great. It is so well written and it is a suicide letter. It is so sad but as sad as it is, it is a real life thing that is starting to become a more usual occurrence. The author is only 15. I am really looking forward to read some of her other books. Michael Ruff rated it at Goodreads

Just amazing I love it. I loved this book so much it was short but so meaningful I think everyone needs to read this I love it <3 Breanna zazel lehn rated it at Goodreads

short but sad. its actually how many people feel this was and rather just end their life. all they need is someone to talk too. Sasha Rivera rated it at Goodreads