What readers are saying about: All Over Again

What readers are saying:

After reading this short story, I now want to find the full book. I really want to know how it all started and why it has come to the end. I think the full book would be one of the books that I would read over and over again. Cassandra rated it at Goodreads

This is a beautifully-flowing paranormal romance short story, with just the right elements of dreamy romance and fantasy intricately combined, creating an atmospheric reading experience. I also liked the fact that the story has much vivid description in terms of milieu, and suitably places the characters within this environment. Marcia Carrington rated it at Goodreads

I stumbled across author Lynette Ferreira and was pleasantly surprised. I was captivated from the start of My Recycled Soul to the very last word. I love her writing and her characters are meaningful to the storyline and interesting. As the title suggests Elizabeth is reincarnated, but obviously she does not know this and no, she does not realize this throughout the story (as none of us really know if we are or are not reincarnated) yet she does come to realize that everything happens for a reason and I (as the reader of this story) realized while I read this book that long ago when my own soul was created, my life (or many lives) were already predestined. Although many people would not agree, I like to think that there is a purpose to my life and I am working through all the mistakes to the end result (whatever it may be). This was a real feel good book and amazingly written. Charlotte Samantha Gray rated it at Goodreads

love this book... Cute read. all elements of a good book to be found. tears... laughter... smiles... and heartache. Anonymous rated it at Barnes & Noble

Love story. This was a little confusing just cuz I never read Recycled Souls but I enjoyed it alot. It was well written! Maggie20 rated it at Barnes & Noble

5 stars. I loved this book so much. So beautiful and so sad. Lynette, you are an inspiration. Anonymous rated it at Barnes & Noble

Intense Love Story. This book is not so easy to understand, but if you put in enough effort, you can tell it is an intense love story of the after-life. Its a story of tough decisions and acting on a little desire after an unfortunate event. After you get passed the older words and start to make sense of the text, it is very good. Anonymous rated it at Barnes & Noble

What the story is about:

After Elizabeth is in a car accident, she goes into a coma. Then she meets Devlin and it as if she met him just the day before on the fallen tree trunk, in their hidden place, away from the rest of the world. She does not realise 300 years have passed and she has regressed back to a previous life. Then she must choose: Return to today and Jared, or stay with Devlin and it will always just be the two of them. 

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