What readers are saying about: My Recycled Soul

What readers are saying:

Recycled Souls a nook book-written by Lynette Ferreira- deserves five stars and is one of the best books that I have read in a long time. It’s relatable to teenage girls everywhere. Throughout the book it’s hard not to feel similarly to Elizabeth. Elizabeth is an ordinary High Schooler, is forced to move away from her life in America, and move to -not a new house, or city- Ireland. Here her life will be turned upside down and she loses the boy she falls in love with, after a terrible accident which influences her to end their relationship. Recycled souls is packed with sadness, love, loss, redemption and then death of a newly loved one. Monica Esparza rated it at Goodreads

I love the idea of two souls being connected and finding each other at different points through time. The coming together of two souls who may have been kept apart previously by circumstance, finding each other again and hopefully getting it right. Elizabeth has always be very good at covering up her emotions. Making people believe that all is right in her world. When she and her family relocate from California to Ireland she tries her hardest to cover her unhappiness. When Elizabeth and Jared meet I was slightly thrown by their instant love, but once you understand the premise of the story and the connection of their souls it makes complete sense. And they were so good together!! And he sees through her act at making everyone think she is happy. I flew through the first half of the book as the two of them spent time together. And then out of the blue I was thrown by a decision that Elizabeth makes and it took me a little while to get back in to the groove of the story. Enter Joshua. I didn't warm to him straight away. But as the story went on, warm to him I did and then I was knocked for six by the turn in the story!! It was completely unexpected and I could feel all the emotions that Elizabeth was experiencing!! There was a point in the book where Jared tells Elizabeth that she frustrates him and I have to admit that there were times when I felt exactly the same way!! I just felt that she jumped to conclusions so quickly without talking things through. Is My Recycled Soul a book that I would recommend? Most definitely!! It was a really easy and enjoyable read and the whole concept of the story was great! Tracey (YA Book Addict) rated it at Goodreads

This book had me hooked from the first word to the last. Having moved a lot my self when I was younger, I really connected with Elizabeth. Jared's dedication to Elizabeth after the accident broke my heart and I actually cried when she turned him away thinking it was for his own good. I could go on forever about this book but let me not spoil it for anyone! I highly recommend this book. It was brilliant! Heather Scrooby rated it at Goodreads

I cried... and for a guy to admit that, well, that just shows how good this book is...

***BIG Spoiler Alert***

This book not only has a happy ending, it has two happy endings. When you get to the very last page, and you wonder if what you're think happened has actually happened - well, it has. And that was where I had the biggest smile at the end of a book in years. Elizabeth gets moved with her family from California to Ireland. She hates it. But everything happens for a reason. She meets her soul mate in Jared and then something terrible happens. But everything happens for a reason. She meets Joshua who believes she is her soul mate but she takes her time going from friend to romance. Then something God-awful happens. But everything happens for a reason. Elizabeth reunites with Jared and they get the happy ending you've been hoping for. But everything happens for a reason, and EVERYONE gets a happy ending. Trust me on this. She must break with Jared in order to meet Joshua. It is absolutely necessary. If you believe in reincarnation, then you will realize that not all soul mates are meant to be romantically linked. Look at your family. And wonder... BTW, this book has the most heartbreaking voice mail in history and that is where I cried. But everything happens for a reason. If you've read this book and feel like talking about it, please hit comments. I really would like to chat with others about this book - especially the end. Scott R.rated it at Amazon

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Expert Reviews

The writing style, expressive of a young girl's experience and accentuated by a dreamy present tense style, offers an excellent read.

"Recycled Souls" grabs the reader with a personal but very absorbing story, projecting the main character's emotions with unusual intensity.

What the story is about:

Elizabeth is a happy seventeen-year-old girl until her step-dad announces, "We are moving to Ireland." She would have to leave her room, her house, the street where she lived her whole live, as well as the boy she has had a serious crush on for the longest time. Little did Elizabeth know things are changing to how they are supposed to be. 


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