Coming Your Way Soon: Dead Girl

They call the place where they are kept The Land of Odd, a school where, after having undergone the change, she and nine others like...

Once in a Blue Moon: i am lucas

Prologue Two - i am lucas Series.

What the story is about:


Rebecca's mom has been living with Rebecca and Shirley since the fateful murder of Rebecca's father three years ago. When Lucian was putting his plan into action, her father decided to surprise his family with a vacation in Europe, and there was no time for Lucian to alter his plan, so in a fit of rage, he had Rebecca's father murdered. 


It feels as if his heartstrings have come undone, and he somehow knows he would never be the same after she left. Even though he feels as if she stepped into his life by accident, he knows it is all pre-planned by Lucian. She can feel an emotion of love begin to fill her, but Rebecca dismisses these feelings, even though they ebb through her like an ocean tide, and there is no stopping them. 


They told Lucifer that if he could get a certain girl pregnant by the midnight glare of the blue moon and this boy-child grows to maturity, survived until the age of twenty-five years, God would allow the fallen ones back into his grace again and allow them to come back home.

What if your entire life was predetermined from the moment God created the heavens and the earth?

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Twenty-five-year-old Rebecca sits on the couch with her seven-year old daughter Shirley, while her mom and her public relations manager and also her best friend, John, talks to the famous actor, Byron Wilkinson. He is sitting across the room and the faint light coming through the picturesque window behind him, makes it difficult to distinct his features.
Rebecca is not listening to their conversation while she helps Shirley to take off her shoes and then she puts them neatly next to her, on the floor, beside her chair. Rebecca is exhausted after the long morning and she is grateful the ordeal is finally over.
Shirley lies down on the couch with her head on Rebecca’s lap and slowly Rebecca twirls one of Shirley’s curls gently through her fingers.
Not long after, Shirley’s big green eyes close, after fluttering, fighting desperately to stay open. She however has no choice but to close them and soon her soft, deep breaths fill the air. Music softly fills the room, and together with her daughter’s breathing, it brings a welcome stillness over Rebecca and she puts her head back against the headrest behind her.
The music washes over her gently. She has never heard this particular artist before, but the music is soft and melodious and fills her with an unexpected calm. She looks out through the panoramic window, out at the magnificent view beyond. The house is built upon the edge of a cliff and the sun is glimmering off the varied coloured stones, glittering like a million tiny diamonds. The light reflects in her eyes, she closes them for a moment, just to gather herself, and then she is fast asleep.
Byron looks across the room at Rebecca and a smile plays across his lips. He never considered she would be this beautiful. When Lucian informed him that Rebecca and her daughter, together with her mother and manager would be stopping over at his home, after an unfortunate accident, he did not realize she would have such an abrupt effect on him.
She is really just part of a bigger design, an elaborate preparation, which came into play a long time ago.
Lucian has always waited for her birth with anticipated eagerness and this time it took a few decades for her to be re-born, so he would be mightily upset if anything should go wrong with his plan this time around. With each past attempt, something has happened to prevent them from achieving their goal – and it always seems like godly intervention. Either the girl dies, or the child dies, or the timing is not right. Sometimes close to completion, something would happen to make it fail and then the rest of the time they all have to put up with Lucian’s moods and temper.
Living in such a close population, where each of them has to rely on the absolute discretion of each member, when Lucian goes on a rampage, it usually takes years to get the human race to forget and move on. 
Miranda, Rebecca’s mom, is still recovering from her experience this morning and she is excessively grateful to Byron for his hospitality, so she talks continually. Byron listens politely, although his thoughts keep drifting back to Rebecca and her ultimate purpose. Lucian and The Thirteenth Order have painstakingly planned all of this to the last detail.
Seven years ago, Lucian sent Andrew along her path. Andrew swept the eighteen-year-old Rebecca’s feet out from under her, but to the chagrin of Lucian, Andrew could not keep to the plan. Andrew could not convince Rebecca to sleep with him on the night of the blue moon, but she did relent to his charms two days later. Lucian was hopeful it might still work, but the child was a girl and thus not who she was meant to be - The Thirteenth Order’s salvation.
Lucian was beside himself and sent Andrew to the secluded, secret monastery in Siberia. Here he had to stay until Lucian’s wrath had dissipated. Usually members of the Thirteenth Order had to stay at the monastery until Lucian needed them again for one of his sinister plans, his never-ending scheming and planning to get back to his rightful place, the rightful home of everyone in The Thirteenth Order.
Five years ago, Rebecca chose to move to the small historic town of Lake Mills, Wisconsin when her first novel became an international bestseller. She enjoyed the colder weather; she believed it helped her with her creativity and imagination. She also wanted Shirley to grow up in a smaller, closer community. Her moving to Lake Mills thwarted Lucian’s plan during that cycle of the blue moon.
Rebecca’s mom has been living with Rebecca and Shirley since the fateful murder of Rebecca’s father three years ago. The Thirteenth Order never planned this auspicious event. When Lucian was putting his plan into action, her father decided to surprise his family with a vacation in Europe, and there was no time for Lucian to alter his plan, so in a fit of rage, he had Rebecca’s father murdered.
Two years ago, Rebecca employed the chauffeur driving her car, Joseph, so after all this time, she now trusts him impeccably. They all flew to San Francisco three days ago and Rebecca attended a book signing there. Rebecca wanted to drive across the country from the west coast to each respective book signing, which would end in New York. She planned to show Shirley all the ‘largest in the world’ sites on their way. Their first stop would have been The Grand Canyon, but Joseph cleverly instigated the breakdown of their rental car on the small, quiet road not far from Byron’s land.
This time around, Lucian has thought of everything and he has gone to great lengths to ensure that none of the many previous failures would once again stop this girl from giving birth to a son and for that child to reach his twenty-fifth birthday.