As part of her initiation, as a new arrival at boarding school, she has to accept a dare. Unfortunately, Alison's dare requires her to go into the dreaded room thirteen on the anniversary of Lily's death. It is rumoured, Lily, the girl who used to reside in the room killed herself on the thirteenth of February, the day before Valentine's Day. When Alison goes into the room, alone and afraid, armed with only an Ouija Board, the dead girl gives her a riddle, which leads Alison on a journey of discovery to find out what really happened to Lily. What dark secrets is the girl in room thirteen hiding? 

From Book 1: Up, up and away, high above the clouds, in a place called Strangely, there is a little crooked house. Before Gorgon was banished to The OtherWorld, she vowed that each generation of girls who lived in the crooked house would become stronger and stronger, until the arrival of four sisters. After Chris sends Emily The Book of Eudemon and they read the inscription embedded in the leather cover of the large, heavy book, they all feel a sense of foreboding. When a demon attacks them to steal their powers, they discover they are the protectors of the innocent, but only if they work together.

To be loved, is to be immortal. 

When the pirate ship attacks The Majestic, William did not expect to find love on its decks, but Susanna is on her way to France, betrothed to Francois and has no choice. William the damned was born countless years ago, a half-blood vampire, he was born with a lust for blood, but a curse for humanity. For Susanna and for enduring, everlasting love, William will make the ultimate sacrifice.

Includes: William The Damned (A Vampire Pirate) and The Vampire Pirate's Daughter.

Four unabridged, full-length Teen novels, now available in one collection.

My Recycled Soul: Elizabeth is a happy seventeen-year-old girl until her step-dad announces, "We are moving to Ireland". Elizabeth would have to leave her room, her house, the street where she lived all her life, as well as the boy she has had a serious crush on for the longest time. All she wants is for things to go back to the way they are supposed to be. Little did Elizabeth know that things are indeed changing to how they are supposed to be and that sometimes things happen for a reason.

Reader Review: This book not only has a happy ending, it has two happy endings. When you get to the very last page, and you wonder if what you're think happened has actually happened - well, it has. And that was where I had the biggest smile at the end of a book in years.

ForNever: Heather believes in love that lasts forever and ever, and ever--right beyond infinity. The problem is, her parents have decided to get divorced and now Heather feels as if she will fornever find true love. Then without warning, Heather is plunged into a world full of magic, spells and dark shadows. Kieran, who reminds Heather of summer and all things warm and fuzzy. Intense and darkly handsome, Jayden, who makes her knees feel weak when he looks at her and smiles his sardonic smile. What Heather does not know is that a witch cursed her, Kieran and Jayden at the Salem Witch Trials and now Heather must make the right choice to break the spell, or die.

Reader Review: If you enjoy your love triangles with a paranormal twist, FORNEVER is a fun and often humorous read. 

When We Love: Chrissie Taylor received a scholarship and her parents are happy and proud, and her father privately says that now she won't have to go to school with so many black kids. But a black kid at the Academy catches her eye the moment she sees him. Vincent almost makes her forget her attraction to flirtatious, suntanned, blond Johnathan who has most of the girls in school interested in him. To add to this, handsome Vincent's band has signed a record deal with a big producer and will be releasing its first single in the fall. All they need is a girl singer.

Reader Review: If you read this book be prepared to be swept into the story.

Guardian Angel: Taylor's name appeared on Daimhin's list just after she was born and he had to escort her across the Valley of the Shadow of Death. However, when he looked down at her in her crib, cocooned in pink, he could not get himself to just do it. Now, seventeen years later, Daimhin no longer has a choice. The system made sure that this time he would have to escort her. Unbeknown to Daimhin, this was his test set by the voice he heard the day he arrived here and stood balancing precariously on the lip of a great chasm. A voice whose plan was beautiful and simple. He wanted Daimhin to find joy. He did not expect Daimhin to be perfect. He knew he wouldn't be.

Reader Review: I think that the fantasy would appeal to anyone who are intrigued by the concept of Heaven and what may happen to souls - and the idea of where they may go and how.

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