The Dark, Dark House

A Collection of Flash Fiction:

  • The Dark, Dark House In houses with secrets, it is always very dark.
  • Fifteen Seconds Ago Life is unpredictable, so maybe things do not always have to be perfect.
  • My Child, My Life We can learn a lot from the elderly instead of always pushing them aside.
  • My Entry into the Abyss She is afraid of who she really is when Dr. Anderson leads her into a meditative state.
  • The Beginning of a Life Misunderstood In this life Arrabelle is homophobic, but what happens when she is reincarnated?
  • The Tokolosh According to an African Legend, The Tokolosh will fetch you when you do things you should not.
  • GASP! It is the new drug of choice. It's free and everybody is doing it, so it should be safe, shouldn't it? 
  • She Loves Me ... Not There are many different forms of abuse, and when we are little, words hurt more than sticks and stones.
  • Remember When Social Media is there to connect us with old friends, and with that comes memories of love lost.

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