Coming Your Way Soon: Dead Girl

They call the place where they are kept The Land of Odd, a school where, after having undergone the change, she and nine others like...


What the story is about:

Richard wants to be famous. He wants to post a video on the internet and he wants it to go viral. He wants millions of people to click on his page, view his content and become notorious, maybe even make a living from online videos, who knows?

With a rich, absent father and the know-how of video equipment, as well as the resources to make Richard’s dreams of being famous come true, Gareth agrees to help him.  However, Gareth is not who he seems to be.

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“I want to be the next internet sensation.”
Bored with Facebook and Twitter, envious of YouTube videos getting in excess of eight million views, Richard pushes his palms against the edge of his desk and shoves himself away from his desktop. The wheels under his chair swivel the chair backwards until it hooks onto the bedside rug behind him. Despondently he wonders when it will be his turn. He is tired of waiting for his fifteen seconds of fame.
He spins around in the chair and looks across his Ivy League college dorm room at Gareth sitting up on his bed, his back against the wall behind him and his earphones plugged into his ears.
Richard leans across the empty space between him and the desk and grabs hold of his substantial and chunky chemistry book. Holding the book in the air above his head, Richard hurls it at Gareth.
The book hits Gareth against the head and falls down onto his lap, knocking the mug of coffee in his hand across the bed.
Gareth pulls the earphones from his ears and Richard hears the heavy metal from across the room. Agitated Gareth jumps up from the bed. “What the hell, Richard. What is your problem?” He exclaims in rage.
Richard grins. “I said, I want to be the next internet sensation.”
“And why is that my problem? Look at the mess you made!” Gareth pulls his T-shirt over his head and starts to dab at the coffee puddles on his duvet.
Jokingly Richard explains, “You are the computer geek and together we can make it happen.”
Irritated Gareth scoffs, “Why don’t you go out and sit on the side-walk and wait for someone to get knocked over by a car or a bus and then upload that?”
“No. It must be memorable. I want to be remembered forever as the most infamous internet sensation ever in the history of the internet.”
Gareth glances across his shoulder at Richard and he says tentatively, “I have been thinking about this one thing, but you will have to give up everything else and nobody can ever know it is you.”
Richard sighs exasperated. “What would the use be of that?”
“You will know unless you need the acknowledgement from people and you cannot just bask in your own glory.”
Richard swivels the chair away from Gareth and looks at his computer screen. He opens his page and sneers when he sees the meagre twenty-five views on his page. It is for a video of Gareth sleeping, and him smearing shaving cream on his face and then tickling his nose. A juvenile, childish prank and it did not get the desired results he was hoping it would get. He sighs long and deeply. “I seriously want to be the next sensation. I want to upload a video that will go viral, and I will do anything to get it.” He hesitates and glances across his shoulder at Gareth. “I will even sell my soul to the devil.”

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