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❤❤❤❤❤ THE VAMPIRE VIRUS Re-published EXTENDED Edition Paperback & eBook

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PUBLISHED BOOKS as at 31 December 2016

Guardian Angel
ForNever (Volume 1)
My Recycled Soul
My Life Hereafter
Soul Drifter
When we Love

The Shape of My Soul
SPAM (A Horror Novel) Viral

Short Stories
Would you Remember ME
All Over Again
Only in My Memories
The Dark, Dark House

The Vampire Pirate Saga
William The Damned
The Vampire Pirate’s Daughter

The Counting Stars Series
Forever Young

i am lucas Series
In The Beginning
Once in a Blue Moon

The OtherWorld Series

The Joy of Giving


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Two for One

Some updates from the Planet of Me. After I had finished rewriting New Dawn, which had been hidden in a yellow folder on my desktop for almost six years, and it eventually became THE SHAPE OF MY SOUL, I was left with all these off cuts.

The left-overs from The Shape of my Soul, was mostly about a room in a boarding house, aptly numbered number 13. In my original story, the three girls (Amber, Sinead & Rachel) ventured into this room and the ghost in room 13 basically told Amber (now starring in The Shape of my Soul) she had no soul, because in the original story (New Dawn), Amber was a vampire, but now (in The Shape of my Soul) she is a shapeshifter.

Does this sound confusing?

I agree, it does - a little.


It's a great story.

Moving on.

After shuffling some paragraphs and chapters around and adding a couple of words, a new story was created. We decided the title should be THE GIRL IN ROOM THIRTEEN, because who doesn't love a good book with the words, The Girl, in the title…


There is a never read before story on its way :o)  I started writing this story back in the year 2010. It started off with a different title and a different kind of plot - it was initially about vampires and such, and the first 20,000 words were written, but then I ran out of ideas. Earlier this year, I happened upon an awesome title for a story, proceeded to dig through my files and decided to update and publish THE SHAPE OF MY SOUL.

Because you are so amazing, I'm going to share the first chapters here and I hope you enjoy the story and get just as excited about it as I am. 

When: Release Date - 01 October 2016
Where: Everywhere good books are sold
What: Shape-Shifter Romance with lots of angst, romance, feelings & as always a good dollop of horror.

If you liked it, remember to share it <3

Always Read The Small Print

I am back from my holidays and I really, really enjoyed spending time in South Africa. Even though I absolutely love living abroad, there is always a part of me that will belong in South Africa.

I want to tell you a story though.

It started on the 7th of July 2016. We woke up early that morning to a beautiful sunny day. The taxi arrived on time at 06:30 and took us to the bus station from where we left to go to Dublin. It was a four hour journey, but we caught up on some sleep, as we went to bed late trying to squash last minute important things into our suitcases.

At Dublin Airport, we felt very proud of our accomplishments when we managed, for the first time ever, to check-in all by ourselves. We weighed and tagged our bags and put them on the conveyor belt, only to see them again once we reached South Africa. Paulo was a little worried, because we did not label our bags and how will we ever know if it was ours or not. Little did he know, that would be the least of his worries.

On the a…

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Frequently Asked Questions- Answered

Where are you from? Where do you live now? I was born in South Africa, but I now live in Derry/ Londonderry
When did you start writing?  I have been writing stories since I can remember, albeit always in my head. It was only in 2008 when I sat down and set the ideas in my head free by typing that very first sentence to My Recycled Soul
What made you become an author? Even though I was in a very well paid full time job when I started writing My Recycled Soul, I had this inner drive to write a story from finish to end, and once I started writing, I could not stop. The day I finished My Recycled Soul, I felt such an immense sense of accomplishment, greater than anything I had achieved up to that point in my life (career-wise, that is).
Why do you write books?  Writing is therapeutic, in a way. Considering some of my subject matter, it may seem as if I have been abused and am living upon the edges of suicide, but this is far from the truth. I grew up with a mom, and a dad, and two brothers in a …
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