What readers are saying about: The Shape of My Soul

What readers are saying:

The Shape of My Soul by Lynette Ferreira is a wonderfully sweet paranormal romance that does not allow the paranormal to overshadow the romantic intrigue in any way. Ferreira remembers the number one rule for romance novels, and that is the romance comes first! (Not everyone remembers that.) In her story, Amber is a young woman, just seventeen, who has been sequestered in a castle in Scotland all her life, with only the staff at her home to act as family. Estranged from her parents under strange circumstances that have been kept from her, she does the best she can to enjoy her life. That couldn’t happen though if not for Bradley, the son of one of the staff, who, as a child, visited regularly and then only on holidays as they grew up together. The best romantic partner, of course, is one you can call best friend. But things don’t go quite that smoothly—especially when everyone is not on the same page. Suddenly, and without anyone preparing her, Amber is sent away to school—for her own good (where have we heard that before?!). Still, coincidences (Do we believe in them? No we do not!) bring the two “friends” back together to solve a family mystery – one that “shifts” as quickly as the snap of fingers. The Shape of a Soul has a literal meaning, an honest to goodness connection within Amber and the decisions she will need to make on her eighteenth birthday. The strength of characters is brought to the forefront gently by Ferreira, and I found myself really, really caring about Amber and hoping that Bradley would turn into someone worth loving. The scenes are very well written and the setting is dazzling. The Shape of My Soul by Lynette Ferreira will give you a satisfying feeling, both as you read and once you finish, as well as a desire to know more—much more—about Amber and her clan and how she will survive in the future. Trust me, it won’t be easy. “Oh. My. Effing. Snowball.” I think I have found a new expletive! Reviewed By Dinah Roseberry for Readers’ Favorite

I very much enjoyed this story and definitely recommend it! Lynette is a very talented author and her books capture the imagination and draw you into the story so that you feel like you are a part of it. I really felt for Amber during her loneliness and isolation and for having to make such a monumental decision at such a young age. I loved the relationship with her and Bradley, and what an ending - absolutely perfect in my opinion! This is a feel good story that will leave you smiling! Christie M. Stenzel rated it at Goodreads

Quick read and fun characters. Great YA story in a beautiful Scotland setting. The characters were interesting and complex. Definitely an interesting take on the traditional shifter plotline. Kind of a cliffhanger ending, making me wonder if there's more to the story. A.L. Wright rated it at Goodreads

I absolutely adored this story about Amber. She's such an endearing character and I could identify with her in many ways. A few times Amber made me laugh out loud - one particular reference about Chloe was a hoot! My favourite quotes: "For a hope to grow the ground needed to be watered and tended, and sadly that was something only love could accomplish," and "What does it matter what we look like on the outside, as long as our souls are free?" Totally enjoyed! Cathy McGough rated it at Goodreads

This is an exciting and well-paced, emotional page-turner of the best kind. Xyra San Lorenzo rated it at Goodreads

What the story is about:

Growing up in a secluded castle in the Scottish Highlands can be lonely and Amber Belvedere yearns to feel normal. 

Her hopes are pinned on a fresh start in Edinburgh, away from her mist shrouded castle. 

When Amber discovers secrets about her heritage and her parents, she discovers she is the one who comes to her friends' rescue every time they are in danger. 

Her mother and father eloped, and now her grandfather's heart is filled with revenge. He cannot bear the thought any longer that her mother swore fealty to another clan. 

Then there is Bradley Windsor, her best friend since they were little, but now he avoids her every chance he gets.

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Guardian Angel was inspired by a cover my cover designer made for FORNEVER. It did not match Fornever at all, but it did inspire me to write GUARDIAN ANGEL

Even though I absolutely love this cover, readers were getting confused by it - thinking it was a little more 'romantic' than it actually is - seeing as it is a clean, wholesome romance.


Every accident Taylor had in the first five years of her life was actually inspired by true events which happened to my daughter and often times I wondered whether she had a Guardian Angel who protected her through every stitch and every broken bone. The story was going to end when Taylor recognises Daimhin, but the 'powers who are' did not want me to end the story with (SPOILER ALERT) someone dying and so I had to add the additional chapters at the end when Guardian Angel becomes more reincarnation fiction rather than paranormal fiction


There is a never read before story on its way!

You might remember I told you in a previous blog post that I had started writing this story back in the year 2010. It started off with a different title (New Dawn) and a different kind of plot - it was initially about vampires and such, and the first 20,000 words were written, but I ran out of ideas.

Then, I happened upon an awesome title for a story, proceeded to dig through my files and decided to update the old, unpublished story, and so THE SHAPE OF MY SOUL was published on 1 October 2016. A story about a girl who can shift her body to fit the shape of her soul.

In the original story there was a girl in room thirteen who killed herself on the 13th of February because her heart was broken, but it did not fit in with the shape-shifter idea, and so I decided to split the original story in two, and created THE GIRL IN ROOM THIRTEEN

When: Release Date - 01 September 2017
What: Slasher/Ghost Horror


Enjoy :o)

When I was a little bitty baby

... my mother never rocked me in a cradle (my own version of the lyrics from Cotton Fields: The Beach Boys), and sometimes I embarrass myself at how often I sing this song.

When I was little, this song must have played so much in our house that it is forever imprinted within the folds of my memory.

This photo is a newspaper clipping of me - 
I was destined for greatness :o) 

I was the eldest born, and my mom and dad waited two years for me. It's nice to know I wasn't an “oops” baby, but it would have been okay too if I was because my parents were awesome.

Growing up, my brothers and I weren't very close because they always thought of me as the spoiled princess who got everything her heart desired (if only).

As you can see from the way my mom and I are dressed in this photo, I was born in the sixties so it goes without saying that I love music from the 60's. It resonates with my soul ♥

I think I am about four years old in this photo. Sadly, I have no-one anymore to answer these kinds of questions - and, in hindsight, why it is so important to ask them while you still can.


I was born in the same year as:

  1. Wimpy International opened its first South African location in Durban
  2. Vin Diesel (Actor)
  3. Jason Statham (Actor)
  4. Nicole Kidman (Actress)
  5. Pamela Anderson (Actress)
  6. Julia Roberts (Actress)
  7. Jamie Foxx
  8. Emily Watson
  9. Matt LeBlanc
  10. Tim McGraw

Short Story: Only In My Memories

Two months ago, Alyssa fell and bumped her head, but heads get knocked all the time, don't they? Then she started having a recurring dream of Daniel in a sepia toned world dated back to November 1945. A memory of a love lost and a reminder that sometimes dreams are memories which are a part of us forever. 

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When time froze forever still

The day was 6 April 2014.

Just a normal day for many, but not for me.

Wisps, wisps, whispers of mist crawled on the ground.
Above, trees bare to the bone looked the same as the bodies below.
The first day, they came in their hordes, all dressed in black, with pallid white faces and red-rimmed eyes.
They cried, not for her, but for themselves.
Guilt over things that could have been said.
Misery about not seeing her again.
Sorrow for a life not long lived.
“Rest,” they said.
“In peace,” they said.
When they left, their footprints turned the soggy ground around the grave to pulp, but these lingered only for a while.
“She was always so afraid of the dark,” they said.
“We’ll leave a lantern for her,” they said.
Then they came in smaller groups, and held on to each other as they wept.
They did not stay long.
Things to do.
Places to go.
When strangers wandered past, they read the epitaph, again and again.
Counting on their fingers the years she had lived.
“Not long,” they said.
“So sad,” they said.
The sun shone and green leaves sprouted.
The wind blew and leaves turned to brown.
Snow covered the ground until only the lantern atop the gravestone was visible.
When the snow melted, water seeped through the wood of her coffin.
Then there was only one who still came to visit.
At first, he was tall and proud.
Then slowly, he started stooping, as if gravity had a pull on his forehead.
Lines edged their way across his face, every year a little more.
Until he stopped coming as well.
It was quiet then.
And lonely.
“Never forgotten,” they said.

© Lynette Ferreira

What readers are saying about: Would You Remember ME

What readers are saying:

This short story is actually a suicide letter written by a 15 yr old. I think every parent of a teenager (or even pre-teen) should read this. To me, this teen is giving you insight as to why she's chosen to commit suicide. I also feel as a parent, she's giving you signs to watch for in your own child. Parents, LISTEN to your children! Be aware of any change in sleep habits, school work, etc. To teens & adults alike: Like the short story mentions, " The darkest hour is always before dawn". When dawn breaks, everything can look so different. Ginger rated it at Goodreads

Wow! This was really deep and was a very touching little short story. Reading a 15 year old's suicide note is touching at the least but there were some parts in that letter that touched me to the bottom of my heart. This short story may not be a must read but if you have the time you should take a chance and just read it! Angel **Book Junkie** rated it at Goodreads

So relatable. I have to admit that when I started reading this, I didn't think it would be worth much. Fortunately I was wrong. The story was short but the emotions I felt from it made it worth the read. I'll give it four stars because of the length but other than that, I recommend that anyone thinking about suicide should read this. Allondra Pettway rated it at Goodreads

Wow! This really hit home for me. I had a best friend who commit suicide when we were just fourteen. I still think of her and wonder what she would be like or what her life would have been if she was still alive. This story definitely reminds me of her and what she'd been through and what we had been though...Love this story! Short but a good one. Ana rated it at Goodreads

What a touching story. I do hope that someone will take this message to heart. As the author says, "It's always darkest before dawn." Others do need to consider that what may seem trivial to you, can be devastating to another. Don't trivialize another's feelings. They are real. Elaine rated it at Goodreads

Great. It is so well written and it is a suicide letter. It is so sad but as sad as it is, it is a real life thing that is starting to become a more usual occurrence. The author is only 15. I am really looking forward to read some of her other books. Michael Ruff rated it at Goodreads

Just amazing I love it. I loved this book so much it was short but so meaningful I think everyone needs to read this I love it <3 Breanna zazel lehn rated it at Goodreads

short but sad. its actually how many people feel this was and rather just end their life. all they need is someone to talk too. Sasha Rivera rated it at Goodreads