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They call the place where they are kept The Land of Odd, a school where, after having undergone the change, she and nine others like...

*Newsletter 2017


So much has happened so far this year and the weeks are just rushing by, aren't they? Or is it just me getting older?

I'll give you a quick recap of books I've published so far this year and I know somewhere on this blog I have a list of books due for publication (I found it). Some of them were re-publications so *exhausted chuckle* I am not a machine who can pump out a book every month.

First there was Insight
Republished on 10 June 2017
The story used to be from Daryl's point of view, but I changed it to third-person and added about 10,000 words.
Insight is also available in audio book.

High school student, Daryl Foley possesses innate charisma thanks to his natural empathic abilities. When he likes girls, they find him irresistible. Dating is easy until he meets Samantha. The beautiful brunette is a closed book - he cannot perceive her emotions—at all. Intrigued by the mystery, Daryl finds himself drawn into her world of disturbing family secrets. For the first time in his life, he experiences the joy and fear of true attraction and discovers—the girl he cares for is in danger.

Then there was The Vampire Virus
Republished on 1 July 2017
This story used to be called The Vampire Legacy, but I decided the continuation of Susanna & William's story should be called The Vampire Legacy, as it will mostly be about William (Susie's son) and his legacy of having the vampire virus. 

This story (The Vampire Virus) is really just a side story of how the virus was created by Joseph and has also been extended.

Being a tutor in 1800's London is not easy when you are a pretty girl. Men like Joseph are used to getting their own way, and Joseph had clearly decided he wanted Maggie. Joseph is an Alchemist, looking for the fountain of youth. He did not expect to meet a girl who would steal his heart away, he did not expect the thirst for blood after he discovered the fountain of youth.

The Girl in Room Thirteen is brand new and at the moment it is available for pre-order from Amazon only (release date 1 September 2017), but will become available at all other retailers from January 2018. As soon as the paperback is formatted there'll be a Goodreads give away for a paperback or two.

As part of her initiation, as a new arrival at boarding school, she has to accept a dare. Unfortunately, Alison's dare requires her to go into the dreaded room thirteen on the anniversary of Lily's death. It is rumoured, Lily, the girl who used to reside in the room, thirteen years ago killed herself on the thirteenth of February, the day before Valentine's Day. When Alison goes into the room, alone and afraid, armed with only an Ouija Board, the dead girl gives her a riddle, which leads Alison on a journey of discovery to find out what really happened to Lily. What dark secrets is the girl in room thirteen hiding?

ForNever (Book 2) is also brand new and at the moment it is available for pre-order from Amazon only, but will become available at all other retailers from 1 October 2017.

For centuries, Heather died each time she had chosen Kieran after she came back until the curse is broken by Jayden. Now, Kieran can hear the screams of a million ghosts rush through him and the feeling gives him hope. Hope that everything could still be as it is supposed to be. Heather could still be his.

Even though I said Changed and Unbreakable will be released this year, I have run out of months so they have been moved to 2018. Unbreakable is ready to go, so will probably be the first to be published in January 2018, and Changed will follow in February. (Can you believe it's been two years since I shared the first chapters for Changed!)

I hear you ask, "How did you run out of months?"
My answer is simply this book cover:

Dead Girl does not have a page I can link to yet or #firstchapters even, but I had this idea and I am writing a mile-a-minute. Due date 1 December 2017.

I know I have ranted about this issue before, but here I go again :o) From this day until infinity my e-books will all be priced at $0.99

To be honest, I am tired of people telling me readers do not see value in a book if the price is under a dollar or a pound or whatever currency they trade in, because I know there is value in my stories :o) so I am going to stop doubting myself by listening to others.

Personally, I am very reluctant to buy an e-book priced above $0.99 (for the paperback, I don't mind paying a whole lot more because I find more value in a physical object - maybe I really am just getting old). 

If you feel my books are not worth reading because they are only priced at $0.99 that's okay too :o)

Secretly I am hoping you read the e-book and love it SO much you just have to own the paperback.

In case you've missed it, there are also 100 copies each of the following stories to read for free on Inkitt:

The Girl in Room Thirteen (Abridged edition)

I have also decided to retire The Dark, Dark House from distribution, so now you can read a free flash fiction story every week for the next nine weeks. Subscribe to this blog to be notified when the next one goes live.

Fifteen Seconds Ago is already available to read.

You can also read All Over Again and Only In My Memories for free.

I almost forgot! This week I reached 4,000 page likes on my Facebook page *does happy dance*

Lastly, I am thinking of getting a kitten to keep Alvin (my chatty, fat cat) company. Do you think I should just do it?

Lynette X♥X♥

The Vampire Pirate Saga: The Vampire Virus

What the story is about:

Being a tutor in 1800's London is not easy when you are a pretty girl. 

Men like Joseph are used to getting their own way, and Joseph had clearly decided he wanted Maggie.

Joseph is an Alchemist, looking for the fountain of youth. 

He did not expect to meet a girl who would steal his heart away, he did not expect the thirst for blood after he discovered the fountain of youth.

Start reading:

Chapter One

SILHOUETTED AGAINST THE dark afternoon sky there stood a church. The massive tower of the church loomed over the poor and desperate crowd in the street down below, throwing shadows across the roofs of grim Victorian tenements, dark alleys and lanes.
Nearby, several girls stood about, and among them, there was a beautiful young girl with long auburn hair and large sad eyes. Every now and again, she moved the weight of her body from one leg to the other, waiting for a trade to come along so she could start earning some money, the only way she could. She wiped her hand across her tired eyes and felt her stomach spasm with hunger.
Then she noticed the girls around her change their stance, standing up straighter, they stopped talking amongst themselves and she saw a man walking along the street in their direction. He looked well to do, a gentleman.
All the girls here needed the money, so she prepared herself to sell her body as best she knew how.
The man looked the girls up and down until his eyes focussed on her, and then he walked closer to her.
“You seem new,” he said, with a smile.
She said softly, “I’ve been here only a couple of days.”
“How much?” He asked.
“Eightpence,” she replied, with a tiny hint of hesitation.
He smiled slowly, knowing she was charging him more because he showed an interest in her above the others. “How much for straight up? In the alley?” He asked
“Three pennies,” she suggested.
“There's a lane 'round the back,” he said, waiting for her response.
She nodded her head in agreement. “We can do it up against the wall.” She saw him hesitate, and scared she would lose the trade, she quickly added, “It looks dark enough.”
Without saying anything, he started walking toward the narrow lane and she followed him. They moved through the shadows behind the tenements. There were several passageways branching off the narrow lane, and it was a labyrinth of deserted alleys, broken down hovels and towering walls.
He led her deeper and deeper into the maze, and when he turned back to face her, he had a knife in his hand. Without warning, he slashed the knife straight across her throat.
She tried to scream but the sound only gurgled from her lips. Keeping her eyes on him, trying to memorise his face so she could describe him to the police, she noticed he was a young man, with dead eyes.
As she slumped into his arms, he leant closer and with the flick of his tongue, he licked the blood from the wound in her neck.
As the life ebbed from her body, she heard him drinking her blood greedily.

also available in Paperback

Read4Free: Fifteen Seconds Ago

Life is unpredictable, so maybe things do not always have to be perfect.

*INSIGHT: A social issues/paranormal romance

An empath is a person with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual. According to the dictionary,  it is an imaginative concepts. However, there are a small percentage of people in the world who do possess this ability.

What the story is about:

High school student, Daryl Foley possesses innate charisma thanks to his natural empathic abilities. When he likes girls, they find him irresistible and usually when Daryl likes a girl, the feeling is always mutual. 

Dating is easy until he meets Samantha. 

The beautiful brunette is a closed book--he cannot perceive her emotions--at all. 

Intrigued by the mystery, Daryl finds himself drawn into her world of disturbing family secrets. 

For the first time in his life, he experiences the joy and fear of true attraction and discovers--the girl he cares for, is in danger.

Start reading:

Chapter One

It should have been quiet in the class for at least the next forty minutes or so of the period, while everyone had his or her head bent down toward the stack of papers on the desk in front of them.
Some students even had their arms curled protectively around their exam papers. Some stared off into the distance as if something only seen by them would suddenly give them the answers they were so desperately seeking for. Others were scribbling fast and vigorously across the sheets of paper, lest the thoughts melted away and they forgot what it was they wanted to write down.
So it was when Daryl, sitting at his desk, balancing his pen between his index finger and his thumb, trying to come up with an answer for question 2B (iv), saw Samantha walk into the room and it was not so quiet anymore.
All of a sudden he could hear his own heart beating wildly in his chest.
The teacher lumbered his six foot, heavy built frame over to the front of the class from his leaning spot against the back of the classroom, where he could watch each one of the students with a suspicious eye.
When the teacher reached her, he leant closer to her and she whispered something close to his ear. He frowned briefly as she spoke and then he moved away from her and nodded.
Daryl dragged his jumper from his body, suddenly feeling too hot in the over-warmed room. Pushing his finger in between his collar and his neck he pulled at it a little, and then, after glancing around the room while fumbling his fingers in under his tie, he undid the top button before he wiggled the tie a bit looser. Totally against the rules, but he needed to find the evading answer to this question and he could not think if he did not feel comfortable, and at the moment it felt as if he was overheating.
Samantha walked past his desk to get to hers, and an envelope dropped from her bag onto the floor.
Glancing down at it, he was not entirely sure why he did it, but he moved his black Van’s and hid the envelope under the sole of his shoe.
Exactly thirty-five minutes later, the bell rang and alas, the answer to that one question had still not popped into his head. He bet tonight it would flash as bright as a neon light in his mind, most probably at the most inappropriate moment.
Samantha had to walk past his desk again and he watched her until she disappeared through the doorway. She was a pretty girl with a splendid body, her long dark hair was sometimes, most times, a little untidy. Her large green eyes had shadows beneath them, he supposed from weariness, and today there was something about her that interested him more than usual.
They had known each other for some time now and they maintained a pleasant, rather cool relationship. They might, on occasion, hold a brief conversation about mainly the weather, but never showed any interest in each other.
Usually, Daryl knew when a girl liked him more than just wanting to be his friend, and so he never wasted his time going after girls he knew did not like him. He had, as some might say, an unfair advantage.
He stood up from his desk and leant down to grab his bag from the floor. The white rectangular envelope was still laying on the floor, but now it was stencilled with greyish squares from the bottom of his shoe. Picking it up, he held it up to the light but could not really make out what was hidden on the inside, and turning it around he noticed it was sealed. He did all of this without conscious thought, and when he realised he was scrutinising the envelope closely and he had a strange need to know what was inside the envelope, it shocked him a little.
He tossed his backpack across his shoulder, folded the envelope in half while pushing it into his blazer pocket. Lifting the exam paper from his desk, he turned to walk to the front of the classroom. Then. Bam! Murphy's Law. The answer to question 2B (iv) hit him square between the eyes.
With a feeling of disappointment, because he could not think of the answer earlier when it mattered, he added his stack of papers to the pile already on the teacher's desk.
The June afternoon, although bright, was chilly and he paused at the exit from the school as his eyes scanned the street and parking area already teeming with traffic, and he knew the buses would all be full by now.
The big glass door swung open behind him and Samantha came to a stop beside him. She asked, “Are you walking?”
“Deciding if I should get the bus,” he replied without looking at her.
She touched his arm. “You never get the bus, you can walk with me. Come.”
As they started walking away from the school building, he pushed his hands deep into his pockets. His hand brushed against the edge of the envelope, but he pushed it from his mind. He did not want her to know he had picked it up, he did not want to give it back, either.
As they walked, they talked about the weather, the exams, nothing personal.
He lived not far from school, in Queen Street, and he supposed one could call it shabby civilised, with its facing rows of terraced houses, peeling paint and always drawn curtains in every window facing the street.
As they walked closer to his house, the front door flung open to allow Chris to emerge with their dog. There were no gardens in front of the houses on his street, and all the doors opened onto the sidewalk.
Chris peered at them as he crossed the street on his way to the park, two streets away. “Good afternoon, Daryl,” he called when he recognised him and stopped walking. Jack, their dog, barked a brief greeting. Chris turned back and came sauntering back to them.
Daryl could actually see him turn his charm button to high when he reached them.
Chris faced Samantha, smiling. “His brother, Chris,” he said as he pointed his finger in Daryl’s direction. He then pushed his hands deep into his trouser pockets and in the process, his biceps flexed and the material pulled tighter around his muscled legs.
The stance made him appear more masculine than Daryl cared to admit and he turned away from them. “See ya,” he said to Samantha.
She lifted her hand in a wave.

The day I released William into the wild

I don't remember what link I first clicked to discover but when I did, I felt such a great sense of adventure.

BookCrossing is the act of releasing a book into the wild for a stranger to find and then tracking where in the world the book goes via journal entries on the site.

What greater way to start a treasure hunt than with a story about a Vampire Pirate?

I decided to leave my own copy of William in Brooke Park in Derry/Londonderry at Gwyn's Cafe & Pavilion on 11 July 2017.

Photography by Sinéad Ferreira

At first, I was afraid to just leave the book there unloved and uncared for. What if it rains and its beautiful cover gets all ruined, and the water soaks into the paper and creates that ugly wavy paper effect?

Photography by Sinéad Ferreira

My heart broke a little when, after drinking my Cappuccino, we stood up and walked away. I did my best not to look back, but it was hard.

Photography by Sinéad Ferreira

Now, all I can hope for is that someone found William, and is either reading the story or put it somewhere for someone else to find.

I hope he is loved and well taken care of and will soon find his way in the world.

What readers are saying about: Guardian Angel

What readers are saying:

I was sent this book for review and found it to be an excellent read. Yes, it was a love story, but with a difference and it was very well written. I liked the characters who were realistic and believable, despite the fantasy element, being that the very real thoughts and feelings involved were very well done... I especially liked seeing into the 'feelings' of angels. It was a well thought out book, and maybe for a younger audience, however, I think that the fantasy would appeal to anyone who are intrigued by the concept of Heaven and what may happen to souls - and the idea of where they may go and how. Themes of love, redemption, punishment, loyalty and, most importantly, death, are steeped in this story. When is it our time to die? And is there someone to help at that time? And, what if love..? How can I say anything more without giving spoilers? Enjoyable. Julie Powell rated it at Goodreads

This book was so amazing because it is a love story with some adventure mixed in. Also it made me tear up more than once. My favorite character is Taylor because she is so brave about her cancer and she takes care of her mother. For full review please go to:, Twitter @camartinez and Facebook "5 Girls Book Reviews"  Charity rated it at Goodreads

What the story is about:

Taylor Fergusson should have died just days after she was born. 

Accidents and mishaps kept happening to her until she and Daimhin, the Guardian Angel sent to fetch her, made a deal. 

When upper management discovers Daimhin did not take Taylor's soul the first time he was supposed to, his own future is in jeopardy until he discovers his destiny and his choices are being assessed by a higher power. 

As a love grows between a mortal and an angel, Daimhin can do nothing to stop the inevitable.

Start reading:

Chapter One

Yesterday, his life was simple.

For ages, his day started the same. For centuries, his day ended the same. He got the list and he went to work. After hundreds of years, he had lost the ability to feel. Everybody was born, lived their life, however long they were supposed to, and then they died. It was not rocket science.
Feeling ready to burst out of his skin, Daimhin shoved the list across the wide wooden desk and took an agitated look around the room. “A kid!” He exclaimed.
His manager looked back at him, where he was seated at the top end of the long table. The large windows behind him, with a view of endless clouds, silhouetted him, turning his manager into a dark looming shadow. Daimhin could not see his expression, but he heard from his tone that he was amused. “Too good for you, Daimhin?”
“I have never had to do this before. A baby? Really?”
Daimhin heard Violet smirk, where she sat next to him. He swivelled the leather chair and faced her. “What?” He was feeling tense. He was not sure if he would be able to go out today and to collect a baby. A baby, for crying out loud. A baby who has not yet had the chance to live a full life. Did somebody higher up the chain of command make a mistake of sending this soul back to earth, and now they had to ‘pull the product’ because of some production error.
Daimhin felt as if the walls were closing in on him.
The other guardians stood up from their chairs and then in groups of two or three’s they left the room. Each one of them taking their own list with them.
Violet touched him lightly on his arm.
“No need to be rude to me, Daimhin. We have all had to collect babies from time to time.”
His edginess increased tenfold, driving him to his feet. He expected this morning’s meeting to be the same as every other morning – get his list and do his job. A job he never chose to do but had no choice in doing, because of the choices he made a long time ago when he was also one of the living.
His manager looked across the table at Daimhin. Daimhin saw a glint of light in his eyes – amusement mixed with boredom. Daimhin saw a flash of a smirk on his darkly shadowed face.
Daimhin had no choice. He leaned across the table and pulled the list, printed on parchment paper, names written with a fountain pen in an elaborate cursive, across the glossy surface.
With a quick defiant glance toward his manager, he folded the list in four quarters and pushed it into his denim pants pocket.
Violet followed him from the room. “I can go with you for this one.”
“No. I’ll be fine.”
“Taking your first baby is not easy. I can be there with you for moral support.”
“I said, no.” Feeling sorry for being rude to Violet, the only one who has ever tried to be friendly with him, he stopped and turned toward her. “Sorry. I know you only want to help.”
Curiously she asked, “How come this is your first baby?”
Daimhin shrugged. “Just been lucky, I suppose.”
“I had to fetch a baby after my first decade. I know newbies don’t collect babies because it can be emotional, but you have been here for – what?” Her eyes glanced at a point beyond his shoulder as she thought. “Three hundred years?” She looked back at him for confirmation.
“Almost three hundred,” he replied dismissively.

also available in Paperback & Hardcover

Read FORNEVER (Book One) for free

Get your copy today: FORNEVER (Book One) on Inkitt (100 free copies)


FORNEVER was supposed to be a stand-alone novel. I never intended for it to continue until readers started asking, 'Is the story going to carry on?' and then it started me thinking about Kieran's revenge and dark magic. Maybe there could be a plot of murder, love and intrigue and so (four years later) FORNEVER 2 was finally finished.

FORNEVER is in the genre of Magical Realism, with a lot of angst and first love. Throughout Heather has to deal with her parents getting divorced and the tug of war within her as she realises love never lasts.