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So much has happened so far this year and the weeks are just rushing by, aren't they? Or is it just me getting older?

I'll give you a quick recap of books I've published so far this year and I know somewhere on this blog I have a list of books due for publication (I found it). Some of them were re-publications so *exhausted chuckle* I am not a machine who can pump out a book every month.

First there was Insight
Republished on 10 June 2017
The story used to be from Daryl's point of view, but I changed it to third-person and added about 10,000 words.
Insight is also available in audio book.

High school student, Daryl Foley possesses innate charisma thanks to his natural empathic abilities. When he likes girls, they find him irresistible. Dating is easy until he meets Samantha. The beautiful brunette is a closed book - he cannot perceive her emotions—at all. Intrigued by the mystery, Daryl finds himself drawn into her world of disturbing family secrets. For the first time in…

The Vampire Pirate Saga: The Vampire Virus

What the story is about:

Being a tutor in 1800's London is not easy when you are a pretty girl. 

Men like Joseph are used to getting their own way, and Joseph had clearly decided he wanted Maggie.

Joseph is an Alchemist, looking for the fountain of youth. 

He did not expect to meet a girl who would steal his heart away, he did not expect the thirst for blood after he discovered the fountain of youth.

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Chapter One

SILHOUETTED AGAINST THE dark afternoon sky there stood a church. The massive tower of the church loomed over the poor and desperate crowd in the street down below, throwing shadows across the roofs of grim Victorian tenements, dark alleys and lanes.
Nearby, several girls stood about, and among them, there was a beautiful young girl with long auburn hair and large sad eyes. Every now and again, she moved the weight of her body from one leg to the other, waiting for a trade to come along so she could start earning some money, the only way she could. She wiped her hand…

Read4Free: Fifteen Seconds Ago

Life is unpredictable, so maybe things do not always have to be perfect.

INSIGHT: A social issues/paranormal romance

An empath is a person with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual. According to the dictionary,  it is an imaginative concepts. However, there are a small percentage of people in the world who do possess this ability.

What the story is about:

High school student, Daryl Foley possesses innate charisma thanks to his natural empathic abilities. When he likes girls, they find him irresistible and usually when Daryl likes a girl, the feeling is always mutual. 
Dating is easy until he meets Samantha. 
The beautiful brunette is a closed book--he cannot perceive her emotions--at all. 
Intrigued by the mystery, Daryl finds himself drawn into her world of disturbing family secrets. 
For the first time in his life, he experiences the joy and fear of true attraction and discovers--the girl he cares for, is in danger.

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Chapter One

It should have been quiet in the class for at least the next forty minutes or so of the period, while everyone had h…

The day I released William into the wild

I don't remember what link I first clicked to discover but when I did, I felt such a great sense of adventure.

BookCrossing is the act of releasing a book into the wild for a stranger to find and then tracking where in the world the book goes via journal entries on the site.

What greater way to start a treasure hunt than with a story about a Vampire Pirate?

I decided to leave my own copy of William in Brooke Park in Derry/Londonderry at Gwyn's Cafe & Pavilion on 11 July 2017.

At first, I was afraid to just leave the book there unloved and uncared for. What if it rains and its beautiful cover gets all ruined, and the water soaks into the paper and creates that ugly wavy paper effect?

My heart broke a little when, after drinking my Cappuccino, we stood up and walked away. I did my best not to look back, but it was hard.

Now, all I can hope for is that someone found William, and is either reading the story or put it somewhere for someone else to find.

I hope he is …

What readers are saying about: Guardian Angel

What readers are saying:
I was sent this book for review and found it to be an excellent read. Yes, it was a love story, but with a difference and it was very well written. I liked the characters who were realistic and believable, despite the fantasy element, being that the very real thoughts and feelings involved were very well done... I especially liked seeing into the 'feelings' of angels. It was a well thought out book, and maybe for a younger audience, however, I think that the fantasy would appeal to anyone who are intrigued by the concept of Heaven and what may happen to souls - and the idea of where they may go and how. Themes of love, redemption, punishment, loyalty and, most importantly, death, are steeped in this story. When is it our time to die? And is there someone to help at that time? And, what if love..? How can I say anything more without giving spoilers? Enjoyable. Julie Powell rated it at Goodreads

This book was so amazing because it is a love story with some…

Read FORNEVER (Book One) for free

Get your copy today: FORNEVER (Book One) on Inkitt (100 free copies)

FORNEVER was supposed to be a stand-alone novel. I never intended for it to continue until readers started asking, 'Is the story going to carry on?' and then it started me thinking about Kieran's revenge and dark magic. Maybe there could be a plot of murder, love and intrigue and so (four years later) FORNEVER 2 was finally finished.

FORNEVER is in the genre of Magical Realism, with a lot of angst and first love. Throughout Heather has to deal with her parents getting divorced and the tug of war within her as she realises love never lasts.

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